MySQL Live Webinar for Asia PacificToday!

因为看男子体操决赛迟到了,快两点才加入,自动下载了个客户端进入, 可能时间太短了,收获不多,第一次受邀参加,感觉有些新奇,结束后就再也进不去了,忘记截屏和保存聊天记录了。

Date: Tuesday August 12, 2008

Time: 2:00 pm JPT, at 3:00 pm in Sydney, at 1:00 pm in Singapore, Beijing
and Manila Philippine, at 2:00 pm in Seoul, at 10:30 am in Mumbai

Event Number: 599 944 231

Event Address for Attendees:

Join us for this informative webinar which will deliver a comprehensive
introduction of MySQL products and services such as MyQL Enterprise, MySQL
Cluster, MySQL Embedded, consulting service, along with examples of how
MySQL is used in an organization and what enterprise has chosen MySQL. Are
you considering to use MySQL or wondering what you can do with MySQL? Then
this is a good start to learn about MySQL and what benefits MySQL offers.
This webinar will help you find a solution which matches requirements of
your system.

Kajiyama Ryusuke, MySQL Senior Technical Evangelist

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