从 andot 的网站上找到一个不错的WP插件 coolweather,就是我页面右边那个Weather的东西,利用PHPRpc实现Ajax从 accuweather 的xml接口读取天气信息,经过解析和处理后显示到页面上,是个非常不错的插件。

  在andot写的插件中如果使用到了PHPRpc Server,默认都是在代码里面指向使用他服务器上的PHPRpc Server,这给很多朋友提供了方便,不过也给andot的服务器形成较大压力,导致最近总是服务器无法访问,也就致使andot提供的PHPRpc Server没法连接,也就无法正常返回Weather数据,于是我决定改到使用我自己服务器上的PHPRpc Server,却遇到一点麻烦。

[coolcode linenum=”off”]
; Enable compatibility mode with Zend Engine 1 (PHP 4.x)
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On


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3 Responses
  1. ovidiu says:


    can you help me find an english website explaining how I can start using my own rpc server instead of relying on coolcode’s server?

    I remember reading somewhere reading that was possible, but all I can find with google now is chinese or other asian language I don’t udnerstand.

    would be great if you could help


  2. Michael says:

    The simplest way is just copy coolcode’s PHPRpc severside’s scripts to your own server, and complish the installtion according to the documentions in the project.

    Another website maybe can give you some help, @see the website for the details:

  3. ovidiu says:


    I discovered the english page on the original plugins page 🙂 which explained this quite a bit.

    thx for the hints

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