Yii rules验证中可以使用的占位符列表

Here’s a list of many placeholders and the validators that are using them:

  • CBooleanValidator: {true} {false}
  • CCaptchaValidator: {id}
  • CCompareValidator: {compareAttribute} {compareValue} {operator}
  • CExistValidator: {table} {column} {value}
  • CFileValidator: {file} {limit} {extensions}
  • CNumberValidator: {min} {max}
  • CRequiredValidator: {value}
  • CStringValidator: {min} {max} {length}
  • CTypeValidator: {type}
  • CUniqueValidator: {table} {column} {value}
  • CUrlValidator: {schemes}

Of course, {attribute} is known in all validators. So, which placeholders are known depends on the validator and the condition as well: By default {min} is only used when the value is below the min value (as defined in rules) and {max} when the value is above the max value.

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